FOUNDATIONAL LESSON 23: A Simple Art Journaling Page with Kiala


The "PAINT" part of this class is all about using the cards to inspire your art making and visual journaling. Even if you don't feel like an "Artist" or feel very artsy, the lessons in this section are designed to help you tap into your inner muse (another part of your intuition). We suggest watching the full video/tutorial from start to finish, then trying the activity.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or a newbie, we selected these lessons because they give you permission to play. What FUN! So let go of the inner critic and have a little fun with these.

This particular lesson has lots of references to past dates and information about my Mixed Media Inspiration Card Deck. Just ignore all that stuff and focus on the process.

It's a quick one page art journal tutorial. The objective is to go into all of the lessons in this class with a beginner's mind. Let's do it!!!


Okay, here I am creating the actual page. It's sped up for you, but I talk you through the entire page.

Here are the 10 cards I pulled. You can do them in the order I did them or switch the order for yourself and try something different.