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Kiala Givehand is a happiness catalyst & life alchemist for women. She's a published poet, bookbinder, and fountain pen collector. She surrounds herself with ordinary humans who live extraordinary lives, gathers with people who allow her to laugh and love uncontrollably, and lives a life intent on cultivating happiness through creative and spiritual empowerment. Kiala is a double Capricorn ambivert who grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida where she learned to appreciate and respect hurricanes, humidity, and the transformational powers of the sun, the moon, and the ocean. She holds six academic degrees in various subjects from various universities, but the one she cherishes most is her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Poetry from Mills College where she fell in love with book art. Through online classes, one-on-one sessions, and in person retreats, Kiala guides women who want to liberate their creativity, explore deep inner work, experience radical transformation, and create a life filled with passion and purpose. She is the visionary behind Pull Pen Paint and welcomes you to this sacred space where we invite you to embrace all the parts of you, empower yourself through self-study, and emerge as your truest, most authentic, and highest self.

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Michelle Rydell is a mixed media artist who has been a passionate art journaler for twelve years. She is known for her bright colors and whimsical style. Michelle has been a regular participant in Pull Pen Paint since 2017, and is excited to be coming back as a guest teacher for the second time this year.


Melanie Rivers, Tiyaltelwet, is a mixed media artist and expressive arts guide. She is proudly from the Squamish First Nation and draws from her traditional ancestry in her art and classes. She helps women build a joyful and self-compassionate art practice and teaches online classes to women around the world. She believes that art has many medicines to share with us—stillness, joy, connection-- and by building a self-compassionate art practice, we can experience these medicines on a regular basis. 


Paige Ward is an ancient soul. She is a heart centered Angel Messenger and voice of truth + unconditional love. Her mission is to restore Faith in the unseen and embody bliss. She is certified in many modalities from Usui Reiki, sound therapy, massage therapy and more. She is also continually studying the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Dolores Cannon, Gabrielle Bernstein and various Archangels + Ascended Masters. She had her spiritual awakening five years ago and has been learning and sharing with the World since then. Her goal is to anchor in New Earth Now. Infinite Love & Gratitude!


Galactic Ashley channels Divine Guidance for Starseeds connecting them to their Star Families and Galactic Lineages. Since completing the Master's of Fine Art in Photography program at the University of Arizona in Tucson, she loves empowering other artists and guiding them to consciously work with their natural channeling ability.


Joanna Powell Colbert is a sacred artist, soul guide, earth mystic, moon lover, and caller of circles. She is the creator of the Gaian Tarot and the Pentimento Tarot, and co-creator of the Herbcrafter’s Tarot. Her work as teacher and guide is centered in sacred art, earth-centered spirituality, and tarot. 


Sarah Trumpp is a card-slinging, herb-grinding, incense-burning, crystal-hoarding, paint-flinging weirdo who never met a tarot deck she didn't want to fondle. She fully believes in the power of art, love, magic, and a good cup of tea. 

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Emily is a mixed media artist, journaller and art facilitator from Berkshire, England. She loves nothing more than to lose herself in nature and create art inspired by her inner and outer world. With a BA Hons. in Creative Arts, Emily is one of the three co-founders of Art Witch Academy, a membership website that explores art as ritual.


Consie Sindet is an optimistic creative on a journey. She believes that we should always be learning, growing, trying, failing and embracing the process. She's been teaching creativity in many forms for 13+ years and before online classes were even a thing, she taught in-person art classes to hundreds of women. Consie finds that art journaling is the most freeing way to express herself. She wants us all to know that we can find freedom, playfulness, and joy by slapping down some paint, gluing magazine pages to a piece of paper, adding doodling & marks, finding a quote that screams...'THIS IS HOW I FEEL TODAY!"...and calling it good enough. Connect with Consie on Instagram to follow along on this journey.


Vanessa Sage's work focuses on self-compassion, inner-bravery, and discovering the mystery in our everyday lives. She offers spiritual and business mentorship, Priestess training, and tarot readings to help you enchant your everyday, bring your imagination to life, and listen to your wild soul’s calling! She has a PhD in cultural anthropology, and spent many years studying Buddhism, pilgrimage, and alternative spirituality as an anthropologist of religion.


Fallon Jaye is an intuitive Guide + Healer. She Guides women from where they are to where they desire to be, to step into their Goddess HigherSelf. She is able to feel between the lines of what someone isn't saying + where they may be holding back, holding pain, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Fallon has been a CrossFit Coach for the last 7 years and a yogi for a decade. She loves to move her body + move energy, and help her clients do the same. She is passionate about overall nourishment + wellness of BodyMindSpirit. She has a sacred Spiritual Practice and open heart. She will mirror back to that which you most need to see, in the most loving way, as she is a Master at holding space. 


Tiare Smith (pronounced Tee-are) is a mixed media artist, art journaler and instructor. Art for her is an amazing way to cultivate gratitude, happiness and self-care in your life. She believes mindfulness and positive self talk are a necessary part of the process and encourages us to play and be present. She aims to empower women to express and experience themselves more freely through art while also nurturing their hearts and memories.


Kerrie is a multifaceted soulpreneur. A card reading mystic who works with spirit and the elements to tap into a magical ways of being. She lives in Australia close to nature on a lush 13 acres, catching her own water, growing food, recycling waste and looking at the stars. By day she can be found in a little timber cottage in town called The Nourishing Nest, covered in glitter, sipping tea, reading tarot and oracle cards and intuitively mentoring clients. In circle she offers healing experiences and sound healing journeys barefoot with flowers and feathers in her hair. She has a love of writing and creating and has published a women’s fiction novel. Her oracle deck The Witches’ Compass helps connect people to their cycles and empowers personal choices. It helps seekers remember and activate their inner knowing by invoking their own inner medicine keeper. The simple black and white illustrations deliver gentle guidance with sparkling clarity … and comes with the invitation to explore and unlock the possibilities.

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Monica The Creative Beast is a mixed media artist who is deeply connected to her Creative Instincts. It’s her mission to help adults reconnect to their own Creative Instincts. Monica demonstrates how fun and easy Creativity is by demystifying the ‘mystery’ that has been built around it.


Stacy is an artist who is passionate about thriving and living a conscious life full of joy, love, and peace after addiction. She creates positive change in the world through bravely sharing her journey of recovery, being queer and experiencing mental health challenges. When Stacy is not working with her partner, Vanessa, you can find her playing with clay, seeing what she can create.


Chris-Anne is a deck creator, artist, and magic-maker who offers unique courses for creators that combine branding and intuition. She is the author of three decks: The Sacred Creators Oracle, The Light Seer's Tarot, and The Muse Tarot, and has recently signed on with Hay House to share these decks with new audiences.


Vanessa is an art witch, an archaeologist and a mother who is just embracing her Sorceress phase. She is a big believer in the healing properties of art and works on inspiring others to banish shame and self-criticism through her art and classes. Vanessa has embraced the rituals inherent in art making, loves tarot and archetypes. She is part of the triad that runs Art Witch Academy.

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Dr. M. Ruth McCants, is an Intuitive Life Guide and Master Teacher. Specifically, her specialty is in assisting women to believe in themselves, their dreams, and Soul Core Purpose. For more than three decades, Dr. Ruth has been exploring and using the Soul, Archetypal and Planetary insights of Astrology. She also combines Astrology with her extensive background in Tarot, Oracle and Numerology, to encourage and empower women, to shine their most Bold, Bright, Brilliant and Magical selves into every area of their lives.

Dr. Ruth's ability for blending systems comes, in part, from her academic background in counseling and learning, transpersonal, and depth psychology, as well as from a lifetime of delving into her own psychic abilities. As part of this synthesizing across creative, intuitive and life experiences, Dr. Ruth also brings the richness of music teaching, performing and sound-healing into expression of her own Soul Core Purpose.


Denise is an artist, soulful seeker, wild wonderer, deep listener, sacred space holder, Creativitea Time inspirer & private priestess and an Intentional Creativity Guide & Certified Color of Woman Teacher. Her passion is to connect with others in ways that leave both feeling nurtured, energised, validated, and liberated.

One way she does this is by encouraging Creativitea time : a space & practice where playfulness, courage and creativity meet radical self acceptance for tea. A sacred space is made to meet ourselves on the page. Denise finds that meeting yourself right where you are is a powerful medicine in these troubled times.

She believes when we are seen and heard we can heal. Using art journaling, intentional creativity and painting as a self healing modality has been extremely helpful for her in her personal quest, especially through times of grief, depression, and awakenings. In recent years she has begun to overflow that offering to begin to share some experiences and discoveries. May they be of service and support, uplift and inspire others to creatively express and lovingly nurture themselves too.


Jenn is  a self-care guide and creativity coach for moms. She has worn many hats (preschool teacher, owner/creator of an independent women’s boutique, urban chicken keeper, and stay-at-home mama are just a few). She’s a dreamer and a maker, and a huge believer in a mother’s intuition and the intelligence of the body. She’s a seeker of her own most authentic self.

Jenn helps devoted moms (including stay-at-home moms and those in transition) develop self-care plans that nourish them from the inside out, and find space in their lives for what really lights them up. This work isn’t just for moms; by taking better care of ourselves, we also help our children become compassionate, creative and healthy adults.


Ivy is a published artist, art instructor and creative guide. Her online collection of artistic workshops have served thousands of students internationally and she prides herself on giving devoted care and support to her student body. She spent most of her childhood growing up in Sydney, Australia and received private art education from a well known Australian artist as a young girl of 8 until her family was relocated to America when she was 16. She went on to finish high school in Connecticut and attended the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, receiving her BFA in Illustration.

Ivy’s artistic message is to guide others to their creativity and nurture those special gifts in each of us. She strongly believes that every soul is creative and finding ways to express that creativity is paramount to joy and healing.

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Shinjini is an artist, tarot reader, journal keeper, and soul seeker. She believes that writing is medicine, art is therapeutic, and the tarot is a powerful tool for self-development, soulful guidance, and deep inner work. She offers deeply insightful tarot readings, and her courses focus on using art, self-development and spiritual modalities as portals to personal growth & mindfulness.


Julia is an intuitive, seeker and facilitator who, combining both insight and logic, uses tarot as a primary tool for consultation. She has been a life-long explorer of the occult and divinatory arts, helping to empower others to tap into their inherent magick, connect with the divine and improve their lives.  


Amy uses art as a way of sharing her life journey through personal symbols, color and abstraction.  Symbols are the central tenet of communication she uses when painting and have been key to human communication since the ancient people wrote their life story on cave walls over 40,000 years ago.

She has created a dictionary of symbols she refers to when creating, while also developing new ones during the painting process.  Amy spends her time painting and studying ancient mysticism through symbols including astrology, tarot and other divination studies.  Recently she completed world religion studies from HarvardX University, Divinity School covering the ancient and modern world religions. 


April McMurtry is the founder of THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR and creatress of the New Moon Calendar Journal. She is also a visual artist, mother, kundalini yoga teacher, and creative lunar guide. Her work aligns with nature-based cycles to bring more rhythmic intelligence through creative healing practices with the moon.


Kristen is a divination junkie, oracle deck creator, & cartomancy instructor. She created Over The Moon Academy to teach art-meets-oracle classes, blending divination with her own unique brand of creativity.


Effy Wild is a journal artist, writer, and teacher whose vocation appears to be creating spaces for humans to bloom both spiritually and creatively. She’s been working with Tarot since the late 1980’s and considers herself a bit of a magpie mystic. OH SHINY!

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Andrea is a multifaceted Artist from Germany. Her driving Force is to inspire you to discover the Artist within and to use Art & the creative Process as a Tool for fearless Self-Expression, Mindfulness & inner Healing. She encourages you to let your inner Child come out to play & to honor and nurture your inner Creatrix.


Caroline is an intuitive artist, writer, and diarist living in South Devon, UK. She believes that we all have the power within us to create magic through art by tapping into our intuition, lived experiences, and innate wisdom. You can find her teaching the magic of art as ritual at Art Witch Academy.


Karen Faith is a priestess, artist, and adventurer, living with the wild things on the Alberta prairies. She is passionate about creating a handmade life and loves adding to her list of skills including sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet, quilting, art-journalling, digital illustration, mending, gardening, cooking, wild crafting, photography, and painting. At the heart of her work is a deep love for the natural world. She spends her days exploring the medicine of pleasure, creating sacred objects, and communing with the wildflowers. Karen is the proprietor of the Etsy shop Maisey Handmade and the creatrix of The Moonflower Oracle.


Victoria Smith is a writer, artist, mentor, and wonder mystic. Her 20-year career in archaeology infuses her unique offerings at the Mojo Lab exploring the landscapes of creativity, earth wisdom, mythic living, enchantment, and intuition. Her fascination with nature, storytelling, the creative process, and the numinous continues to inspire her life and work.


Jamie Sawyer is a professional artist with a flair for the esoteric. She is a deck and divination tool creator. Jamie is both teacher and student when it comes to this journey of life, truly believing we all can be conduits for creativity. She loves to help empower others to find their creative voice and break through any self-imposed boxes. 


Hali Karla is an artist, transformation coach, and contemplative. Formally trained in and passionate about the intersection of art, healing and spirituality, she offers courses and encouragement in developing soul-nourishing inquiry, creative {art} practices and holistic perspectives that are grounded in presence, inspired with freedom, and infused with a sense of sacred connection.

Teachers Not Pictured Who Have Foundational or Recorded Lessons in PPP or Who Only Teach In Deep Dive


Carrie is a Cancer sun sign and Virgo moon sign. She's an INFP on the Meyers Briggs and holds a bachelor’s degree with two majors: Human Development, and Consumer/Community Studies. She is totally fascinated by the human psyche and is always curious about creating a meaningful life. She is a tarot reader who guides you right into the uncharted cosmic energy within you. She is also a mentor who guides you through grounded, intuitive, soul-expanding conversations. Her purpose is to encourage your expansion. Most recently, Carrie co-created The Spacious Tarot deck and is at work on other magical projects. Carrie lives with her husband, two fluffy cats, and one fluffy mutt in the beautiful state of Utah.


Jo is the artist behind the Inner Star Oracle Decks (Clarity & Magic Editions). She loves seeing creative projects come to life, to add beauty, colour and meaning into the world. She wants to discover, unearth, understand herself more deeply, and continuously learn new ways and beliefs that will continue her journey into her highest self, and be fulfilled doing what she is truly here to do. Jo feels like experiencing her own truth, growth and purpose in her own way through creativity, she can help others do the same. Jo feels it is important for her to always have the freedom to make a choice in her life or change things if she's not enjoying herself. To be curious and question what is happening and why. To always be connected with her intuition and inner spirit and how it wants to express itself. To be seen and inspire others who desire the same.

Jo seeks visual inspiration from geometry & sacred symbology, animals, crystals, nature, astrology and of course art & design. This is interwoven with spiritual inspiration received from the divine feminine, dreams, meditation, tarot, the universe and the wisdom of other artists & writers.


Sara is an expressive, intuitive, mixed media artist and creative guide who loves creating original faces and works of art. Each painting has a special purpose and is created with the intention of adding love and positive light energy into our world. Sara truly believes love is the way and each painting she creates is infused with emotions or feelings that connects us all through our humanity and spirituality. Her dream for us all, is to gain a true sense of self, in order to create a more loving, accepting peaceful world.


Damon is a yoga and health mindset coach who helps the ready, willing, and able person TRANSFORM into their healthiest self because he knows that the foundation of your BEST LIFE is your HEALTH, and he wants you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. He is a published author, a chanting and meditation guide, and is working on his Yoga Therapist Certification. Damon is married to Kiala and together they host in person retreats and workshops for men, women, and couples who want to move from mediocrity to magnificence in all that they do. Damon has been a certified yoga instructor for 14 years, has a certification in Yoga Philosophy, and has academic degrees in Psychology and Mathematics, but considers himself a student of life above all else. For the first time in PPP history Damon will be working behind the scenes directly to help Kiala bring you the most magical experience possible. He will also be sharing his knowledge of meditation, yoga, and chanting with the Deep Dive Ladies. And if Kiala can manage it, she'll likely wrangle him into a Study Session to talk about the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine.

Ms. ERNESTINE (aka G.G.)

Ernestine is a retired great-grandmother of three beautiful souls, a grandmother to five amazing young adults, and a mother of three grown people (her youngest daughter is Kiala). Most recently, she has come to realize that for most of her 75 years on this planet, she has been a Kitchen Witch. She loves to cook and share her joy of kitchen witchery with anyone who wants to understand the connection between food, life, and self-awareness. She has more than 1000 recipes living inside her bones, can make ANYTHING if given the right tools and enough time, and has never met a dish she could not decipher simply by tasting it. She's looking forward to sharing her wisdom and love for all the things a Kitchen Witch loves as she helps Kiala write for the Kitchen Witchery Deep Dive content and teaches a session or two for that group.