December 2020 - Kettle Stitch Journal

New Moon + Lunar Letters Journal

In this session of Artsy Meetup, I do a great bit of chatting as I create my New Moon / Lunar Letters journal for 2021. It's a four pamphlet kettle stitched journal (one section for each quarter of the year). The journal is one I plan to use for the year long course -- Lunar Letters that opens for registration on Thursday Dec. 10, 2020.

The first session is Monday December 14th from 1PM to 3PM Central with the New Moon in Sag shifting to Capricorn. There's a total of 20 live sessions (on or near the New Moons and some of the Full Moons).

Keep an eye on your email because I'll be sending around registration info to your inbox.

Part creative writing, part lunar learning, part astrology for beginners, this class is for writers, artists, selenophiles, creative thinkers, doers, and dreamers. I hope to see you there.


If you want to jump to the part where I start talking about the journal we make during the session, go to about 40 minutes in. The part before that is all about new supplies and shares from our community members.

Just the sewing