What is the Artsy Meetup Marathon?

This was my crazy idea for how I wanted to bring in 2022. 

It's based on the old saying that..."What you are doing when the new year rolls in is what you will spend most of your year doing." 

Whether that's true or not, I wanted to bring in my New Year making art with amazing people surrounded by art supplies. And I invited some of my favorite artsy people to play along. 

Want to Get The Replays?

The Artsy Meetup Marathon was...

  • 22 Hours of Creative Lessons from a variety of guest teachers (names below).
  • an opportunity to learn, play, and explore with other creative souls. 
  • a chance to experience art journaling from teachers who love what they do. 
  • a list of techniques, tips, and tutorials for your visual journaling and documented days.
  • a powerfully creative way to bring in 2022 with intention.

How does the AMM work after January 1, 2022?

√ Join today and get access to the replays.

​√ Once you join you will gain access to THREE tutorials on how to make your own handmade journals, a basic list of supplies, and ALL of the videos from the live event.

√ On December 31, 2021 we began at 10AM Central Time  by gathering online via Zoom for 22 hours of pure joyful creative bliss.

√ Teachers provided lessons, tutorials, and demos throughout the 22 hours.

√ We took breaks to stretch, snack, rest, or refuel.

√ During the live sessions we held giveaways for those in attendance.

√ All sessions were RECORDED and are in the classroom.

√ Participants leave with months of techniques and creative departures for 2022.

Creative Playtime

Each session provides a tutorial that you can try in your art journal over and over again. This page was taught by Tiffany Goff-Smith during the marathon.

Techniques for Practicing

Each teacher brings their own unique way of filling their creative well. Learn tried and true ways to stay inspired through the year. The page on the left was taught by Susanne Randers and the one in the bottom right was taught by Consie Sindet.

Creative Freedom

All the lessons provided give you CREATIVE DEPARTURES that you can use to bring you back to your practice day after day after day. This page was taught by Kristin Peterson.

Example Curriculum

  The Marathon Details
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days after you enroll

This course is closed for enrollment.

Amazing Teachers

All of our teachers are seasoned creatives who intentionally show up and create. They keep coming back to this practice and their consistency is what makes them inspirational.

Pictured from top left to bottom right:

Sarah Trumpp, Kiala Givehand, Kristin Peterson, Tiffany Goff-Smith, Cass Mullane, and Tiare Smith.

Teachers Who Create

Many of our teachers will art along with us as we all are working creatives who understand the importance of creative community and the power of learning something new.

Pictured from top left to bottom right:

Carolyn Dube, Shemi Dixon, Rachel Torda, Drew Steinbrecher, Kristen Radden, and Ali Manning.

Learn at Your Pace

The teachers will all be recorded and you'll be able to rewatch their lessons until the class is retired. Being able to rewind, fast forward, and pause makes learning accessible for all levels.

Teachers pictured: Liz Constable, Evelyn Bourne, Dee Dee Catron, Joyce van der Lely, Kiala Givehand, Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd.

Try a New Style or Medium

I've gathered teachers with different styles and who use a variety of mediums so that we are all gently nudged outside of our comfort zone to stretch our creative practices into 2022.

Teachers pictured: Michelle Schratz, Jamie Sawyer, Susanne Randers, Consie Sindet, Amanda Trought, and your hostess, Kiala Givehand.