Full moon in Leo -- Feb. 5, 2023

Full Moon in Leo

Keywords for Leo: FIRE // FIXED // RULED BY THE SUN -- self-assured, self-confident, focused, dynamic, powerful, radiant, commanding, impressive, confident, dignified, honorable, regal, thrives on appreciation, prefers soul connections to surface connections; loyal, self-expressive, creative, loving, dramatic, warm, big-hearted, generous, playful, flamboyant, romantic.


1. How do you note a difference between wants and needs? 

2. How do you communicate your wants and needs to others? 

3. How playful can you let yourself get when it comes to loving yourself? 

4. How can a practice of acceptance support you in loving you? 

5. How can you lead with love? 

6. One way to love yourself is to attend to your personal dreams, plans, desires, and projects (especially those that allow you [or require you to]) PLAY.

Prompts During The Call

3 minute PROMPT: I am important in the world because…

2 minute PROMPT: When I am the center of attention I feel…

1 minute PROMPT: I am most proud of…

PROMPT: What needs to be released in order for you to SHINE?

The Spread

Use either a tarot or an oracle deck. Or if you have SoulCollage® cards, use those.

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