The Art of Masterful Teaching

Design, Develop, and Deliver Amazing Lessons

A live virtual experience with Kiala and Kristen.

Join us and learn to design, develop, and deliver a powerful lesson on any topic.

In this LIVE VIRTUAL WORKSHOP we walk you through the steps to create and deliver wonderful lessons for your online courses and programs. The two of us, collectively, have created and delivered THOUSANDS of lessons over numerous years in a variety of industries. Our backgrounds are different enough that we likely cover the gamut of topics and subject areas.

Our goal with this Masterclass is to guide you through the foundational elements you need in order to create effective, interactive, and powerful lessons for your students, no matter what you're teaching or where you're teaching it.

If you come with your lesson idea/topic, you can leave the session with a fully formed lesson plan that will have your students wanting to learn from you more and more. We will also share with you the tools, a few techniques, and the pitfalls to avoid when teaching online.

Are you ready to take your teaching to the next level?

Then you're in the right place.


Your Instructor

Kristen Radden and Kiala Givehand
Kristen Radden and Kiala Givehand

Kristen and Kiala are the duo behind this class and several others in this Academy. Kristen incubates the idea and Kiala provides the journaling extensions and additional creative departures. The two have been collaborating for 5 years and are excited to bring this lovely course to you.

Kristen is a divination junkie, oracle deck creator, and cartomancy instructor. She has been reading tarot for more than a quarter of a century now. She also has a long friendship with dream interpretation, cartomancy, charm casting, and many other tools for divining. Find Kristen HERE.

Kiala is a Life Alchemist -- that means she combines all the things she loves: astrology, tarot, bookbinding, journaling, poetry, teaching, and intuitive art to help women create the lives they most desire. She has been holding sacred circles and guiding women for more than 25 years and has no desire to do anything else! Find Kiala HERE.

Together, Kiala and Kristen bring a wealth of tools to help you deepen your creative & spiritual practices.

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